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Support for Providers

Preparation for the forthcoming influenza season

In preparation for the forthcoming influenza season, the Yorkshire and Humber Health Protection Team (HPT) have created an ‘’influenza pack’’ for care home providers.

We hope this will help you detect outbreaks of influenza-like illness promptly, and help you notify the Yorkshire and Humber Protection team so you can undertake immediate action to minimise transmission within your organisation.

The influenza pack contains the following and you can download the information here:

If you require further information, please contact the Health Protection team on 0113 386 0300

For people in at-risk groups, such as those aged 65 or over or with an underlying health condition, flu can be a serious disease and can cause death, and you and your staff will be caring for many people in these at-risk groups.

Please remember that all frontline social care workers are eligible to receive the flu vaccine free of charge via the NHS. Getting the vaccine will mean you and your staff are much less likely to spread the flu to those you care for and will help to protect them and yourself this winter.

Care home staff will likely be offered the flu vaccination when they receive their COVID-19 booster vaccination, however we would encourage all frontline social care workers who are eligible to get their free flu vaccination as soon as possible via a community pharmacy or their registered GP, they do not need to wait to receive both their booster and flu vaccines at the same time.