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Hospital stays

When you visit the Hospital; you will come under one of the following areas - 

  • outpatient who has an appointment to see a consultant but does not need a bed
  • a day patient is someone who needs a bed for surgery or tests, but will not be staying overnight
  • an inpatient is someone who needs a bed and is staying overnight

Preparing for a hospital stay

If your hospital stay is planned, you should receive an admission letter containing information such as - 

  • The time and date of your appointment
  • Where to go on the day
  • Whether you can eat or drink before your appointment
  • Contact details of the relevant hospital department or ward

As well as thinking about what you want to take with you for your stay in Hospital, you should also think about arrangements you may need to make while you are in hospital.Here are some things you may to think about: - 

  • make sure your home is safe – turn off electrical appliances, turn off water at the mains and turn your central heating down/off
  • secure your property – check that windows and doors are locked
  • any valuables and keys you should place with the people you trust like family, carers, close neighbours
  • arrange for someone you trust to look after you property having you mail collected , watering your plants, feeding your fish etc
  • cancel any deliveries, like milk or newspapers
  • if you have a pet, arrange for them to be looked after by someone close to you or arrange for them to be placed in a kennels or cattery etc
  • if you have a relative, friend or carer, you may find it helpful to talk to them about what you need to do before, during or after your hospital stay

To make your stay as comfortable as possible, you should think about what you need while you are in hospital. The Hull and East Yorkshire website has some advice and guidance for people going into hospital.

Visit the Hull and East Yorkshire hospitals NHS trust - Inpatients

Additional support

For people who may have additional health and social care needs, you may be advised by the healthcare team to see a social worker. This is so they can help you, your family and carers help with any practical and personal difficulties you may have. For people who already have a social worker, they will work with the healthcare team to ensure your needs are met during your hospital stay. 

If you have any mental health conditions, your healthcare teams should refer you to the liaison psychiatry service who wil support your mental health needs.

If you need additional support due to a learning disability, you might be referred to the learning disability liaison nurse. A referral will depend on whether the healthcare team can meet your needs. If you are referred, the learning disability liaison nurse will offer additional support during your hospital stay.

Getting discharged from hospital

Before you can be discharged from hospital, the healthcare team will need to complete an assessment to make sure you are ready to leave the hospital. For people who need additional support outside of hospital, you will receive a care plan which will outline your health and social care needs. You will also be given a letter for you to give to your GP, providing information about your treatment and future care needs.

Visit the NHS choices - care and support guide.

If you are expecting to find your daily routines difficult at the early stages of your recovery then considering things like what equipment you are able to buy could be the way to make your recovery easier when you return home.

Go to the equipment and adaptations page


In Hull, we operate various transport schemes to help you get to and from hospital if you are having difficulties.

  • Community Transport – offers alternative transport for a small charge
  • Non-Emergency Patient Transport Service (PTS) – offers non emergency transportation for people whose medical conditions mean they are notable to use regular transport.
  • Hospital Travel Claim Scheme (HTCS) – You may be able to claim expenses if you are on low income or in receipt of Income Support, Working
  • Families Tax Credit or Income Based Job Seeker’s allowance

Visit the Hull and East Yorkshire hospitals -  help with transport page

PALS department (compliments, comments, concerns or complaints)

If you have any compliments, comments,concerns or complaints regarding while you or someone you care for are in hospital, contact the PALS department

Access the Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals - compliments, comments, concerns or complaints

Lasting Power of Attorney

If you have a Lasting Power of Attorney ( LPA ), then they will be responsible to ensure that your needs and wishes are being met while you are in hospital. You can find out more on our someone to speak on our behalf infromation page.

Go to the someone to speak on my behalf information page

Advanced decision (living will)

n Advanced decision or living will allows you to make a decision now regarding the refusal of treatment in the future. It lets the people closest to you and the healthcare team know exactly what specific treatment you want to refuse in the future. A living will is legally binding as long as meets a specific criteria and it is up to you whether you decide to have one.

Visit the NHS choices -  advanced decision (living will)

Do Not Attempt CPR (DNACPR)

DNACPR tells your medical team not to attempt CPR in case your heart or breathing stops. A DNACPR is not permeant and can be removed at any time. If you lack capacity and have not made a living will, then your next of kin maybe consulted around your wishes.

Visit the NHS choices - advanced decision

Organisations and services

Below is a list of organisations and services that are available for people living in Hull

Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals

We operate from two main hospital sites: Hull Royal Infirmary and Castle Hill Hospital but we also have a number of additional services based across Hull.

Visit Hull and East Yorkshire hospitals

Hull Churches Home from Hospital

If you live in Hull, there is a service that can support your discharge from hospital, free for up to six weeks, depending on the nature and complexity of your recovery.

Hull Churches Home from Hospital (HCHfH)has been helping people since 1994. It was set up in order to help people to manage in their own homes following discharge from hospital. Their purpose is to help you get back on your feet and to feel confident enough to resume your usual activities.

Visit the HCHfH

Alternatively telephone them on 01482 447 673


You can also get in touch with Healthwatch Hull who are your local health and social care consumer champion.

Healthwatch aims to give people a powerful voice in Hull and nationally. At a local level, Healthwatch Hull works to help people get the best out of the city's health and social care services.

Whether it is improving them today or helping to shape them for tomorrow, Healthwatch is all about local voices being able to influence the delivery and design of services. Not just people who use them, but anyone who might need to in future.

Go to the Healthwatch website

The Butterfly Scheme

The Butterfly Scheme allows people whose memory is permanently affected by dementia to make this clear to hospital staff and provides staff with a simple, practical strategy for meeting their needs. The patients receive more effective and appropriate care, reducing their stress levels and increasing their safety and well-being,

The Butterfly scheme should be offered by your healthcare team prior to your hospital stay. However, you can ask to opt into the scheme by telling the hospital staff, or asking for the Butterfly champion or Dementia lead.

Access the Butterfly scheme here

The Royal Mail Keepsafe service

The Royal Mail’s Keepsafe service will hold your mail for up to two months and deliver it to your home when you are out of hospital.
For more information on charges, contact Royal Mail on 03457 777 888 or speak to your local Post Office.

Access the Royal Mail keepsafe service here

The Cinnamon Trust

The Cinnamon Trust is a National charity that can look after your pet while you are in hospital if you are 60 or over or are in the later stages of a terminal illness (Palatine Care).

This service is free, but, is limited as the service is dependent on the availability and location of volunteers.

To find out more, contact the Cinnamon Trust on 01736 757 900.

Access the Cinnamon Trust here.

Last reviewed: 08/11/2017

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