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Learning Disability

A person who has a learning disability may experience a range of difficulties depending on whether the disability is mild, moderate or severe. A person may have a reduced ability to understand information whether it is new or complex, to learn new skills, experience a reduced ability to cope independently and may experience an impact on his/her ability to read and write.

Sometimes other skills such as time planning, organisational skills, abstract reasoning, short and long term memory and attention are impacted upon by a learning disability.

Depending on the level of learning disability a person may need support with daily living activities, being involved in social activities and keeping safe.

Someone who has a severe learning disability or a profound and multiple learning disability (PMLD) often has more than one disability such as physical, sensory, mental health and complex health needs. A person who has a profound and multiple learning disability may need care and support with areas such as mobility, personal care and communication.

A person with a moderate learning disability may also need support in these areas, but not definitely.

Find out more about learning disabilities here

The Learning Disability Partnership Board

The Learning disability partnership board is a multi agency forum that is operated by the council which people with or affected by learning disability can - 

  • meet together
  • share information
  • promote the needs of people with a learning disability in their local area

You can contact the local partnership board by telephone on 01482 616 312

Keeping Safe

If you think an adult is being harmed, abused or neglected please tell us. You can go to our safeguarding Adults page to find out how to report it.

Visit the Hull City Council’s Safeguarding Adults page here

Find out more about keeping people safe here

If you think they are in immediate danger phone the Police now on 999

Your health

People with a learning disability may have worse health than others. To help, people with a learning disability can get an Annual health Check

This is free from your GP’s practice. You don’t need to be ill to get one and you can talk to the GP about anything that is hurting or worrying you. The

GP will check lots of things and give you a ‘Health Action Plan’.

Find out more about Annual Health Checks – easy read

There are Easy Read health information leaflets and videos on the Easy Health website.

Visit the Easy Health website here

The law says that the NHS has to make information and their services accessible to you.

City Healthcare Partnership

City Healthcare Partnership run a wellbeing service which aims to address the physical health inequalities experienced by people with a learning disability, to raise awareness of these issues, reduce stigma and increase social inclusion.

The Wellbeing Service works in partnership with primary and secondary health care services, voluntary organisations and health promotion, to promote annual health checks for people in Hull who have learning disabilities.

Visit the City Healthcare Partnership - wellbeing service for more information

Alternatively, you can contact them by telephone on (01482) 335 642

Townend Court

Townend Court is a 20 bed facility for assessment and treatment of people with learning disabilities. Those people who are offered services at Townend Court are struggling to be supported in their ordinary community placement and require a safe and therapeutic environment.

Townend Court provides specialist health care to individuals and their carers, ensuring at all times that they are treated with dignity and respect during periods of behavioural distress. Townend Court provides a ‘hub’ for the wider learning disability services and can be accessed 365 days a year

You can contact Townend Court via –

In person -

296 Cottingham Road



My Health Guide

My Health Guide is a specially designed app for people with Learning disabilities to help manage their daily lives by providing a simple to use system that can be accessed by carers, friends and health and social care professionals to support individuals in a range of health and community settings.

My Health Guide can be used to store information about an individual and lets carers, health professionals and community providers develop services based on the information that is stored. This means that the person will receive a consistent service no matter who is supporting them or where they are. The app is widely used by service providers in Hull and the East Riding.

The app was developed and is being used a lot by Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust.

My Health Guide includes –

  • Boxes – users can create boxes (as many as they want) to store things that are important to them
  • Important Things About Me – users can store important information about themselves and can add whatever content they like which they think is essential, including words, pictures, video and audio.
  • Appointments - users can use the app’s appointment facility to create appointments and reminders
  • Contacts & Sharing - users can record the details of friends, family and carers in the contacts facility, any information on the app can then be shared with people that service user chooses from their contacts
  • Documents - users can upload documents into the app and store them all in one place and can then read them whenever they choose
  • Data Back-Up & Synchronisation - App user data is automatically synchronised to the My Health Guide server, whenever the app is open and the device is connected to WiFi
  • Customization - users can personalise their app to make it easier for them to use

If you are receiving services from the Community Team for LD please ask about using the app, alternatively you can access the app directly from the app store for IoS or Android devices.

The app costs £24 per year and subscription gives users full access to My Health Guide –

  • Create and manage boxes according to your needs
  • Add, edit, remove box content (text, pictures, video and audio)
  • Create appointments with scheduled reminders
  • Add contacts
  • Add documents
  • Share your boxes with friends and family

Visit the My Health Guide website to find out more 

Download the My Health guide App here

Alternatively, you can email them at 

My Health Guide Engagement & Training Sessions

Maldaba offers different sessions to help healthcare professionals become aware of and get the most benefit from My Health Guide.

For more information, contact 

Young people

Our Hull Local Offer website provides information for 0-25 year olds with disabilities and Special Educational Need (SEND)

Visit he Hull Local offer website here

Getting out and about

Social Life

People with a learning disability can use the same community services as everyone else. The law says public organisations have to make changes so that disabled people can access their services.

Go to our getting out and about section here

You can find activities and support in the community by going to our community support directory and using the learning disability filter

Go to the community support directory here

Hull RED

Red is a not for profit community organisation that aims to create social opportunities for people with learning disabilities through music and arts

Visit their Facebook page to find out more

Alternatively you can email them at 

Community and Public Transport

Our community and public transport section has lots of information around travelling around the city including

  • blue badge scheme
  • bus, coach bus passes
  • trains and railcards

Find out more about transport here

Your home

Help to live at Home

Our help to live at home section has lots of advice and support available to help you live at home including –

  • equipment and adaptations
  • repairs and Maintenance
  • gardening
  • looking after your pets
  • homecare
  • looking after yourself
  • staying safe in your home
  • keeping warm in winter
  • telecare and Kingston care lifeline service

Go to our help living at home section here

Housing Options

Where you live will depend on –

  • what housing there is
  • where you want to live
  • your money
  • your own support needs
  • people you want to share your house with
  • how urgent it is for you to move.

There is a range of housing options available to you which you can find in our housing section, including –

Go to our housing section here

Learning, Jobs, Volunteering and daytime opportunities

There are lots of opportunities for people with a learning disability to get involved in education courses and also paid or voluntary work. 

Our learning and training section has lots of information to help you access inclusive learning and training opportunities that you can access in Hull.

Find out about learning and training here

Job Centre plus has work coaches and disability advisers who can help you find and stay in work. They can help by looking at volunteering, work experience and work trials which help you to get ready for work. They can help you look at what support you might need at work. They will write a work plan for you

Find out more about disability employment advisors here

Some people prefer to access daytime opportunities to learn new skills. You can find more information and advice about day services on our daytime opportunities section

Find out more about Daytime opportunities here

Advice and Money

Many people with a learning disability get benefits. Citizen’s advice Hull and East Raiding is able to help you if you think your benefits are wrong. They can also help with debt and housing issues.

  • budgeting
  • paperwork and post
  • appointments
  • bills
  • Benefits.

Visit the Citizens Advice Hull and East Riding here

Alternately you can contact them via -

Making your own decisions

If you are not able to make your own decisions then the law says this can only be done by a Lasting Power of Attorney or a Deputy.

Find out more about lasting Power of Attorney here

An Advocate can help you when you don’t have family or friends who ca.

Find out more about advocates here

The following charities, organisations and groups provide lots of useful advice, information and support

Mencap Direct

Mencap Direct is a free helpline service offering advice and support and is available 8am - 6pm Monday to Friday

  • advice and information about learning disabilities
  • help to find the right support
  • help to find Mencap services in your area.

You can contact them via -

Visit the Mencap website to find out more

Mencap Hull

Mencap Hull offers advice and support locally for people with Learning disabilities on a range of topics including –

  • advocacy
  • learning and training
  • staying independent

You can contact Mencap Hull by telephone on 01482 211 473


Scope are a charity that can work with you and support you whether you, your child or those you work with have a physical impairment, learning disability or any other condition.

Visit the Scope website to find out more

Alternatively you can contact them via –

British Institute for Learning Disabilities (BILD)

BILD is an organisation that works with organisations to turn policy into practice. They provide lots of useful information and run events and conferences and provide training course to help share good practice in supporting people with a learning disability.

They also have a range of information on their resources section that you may find useful.

Access the BILD website to find out more information

Last reviewed: 14/12/2017