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Paying for Care and Support

Paying for care

Unlike NHS care, adult social care is not free and many pay a contribution towards their care and support. However, no one should go without the care and support they need because they can’t afford to pay for it.

The amount of help you are entitled to depends on your financial situation and is affected by your savings, investments, benefits and earnings.

It is important to understand how paying for care and support works. The government sets out very clear rules about paying for care. It is important that you are not paying too much for your care and support. By understanding this process, it will make it easier for you to manage your money properly.

Financial assessment

For many people, the local authority will pay some or all of the cost. In order to determine what your contribution should be, you need to complete a financial assessment.

Quick financial guide

You can complete our quick financial guide to give an indication of the likelihood of whether the Hull City Council will pay (or contribute) to your care and support package.

The Paying for Care handbook

The paying for care handbook is all about paying for social care services in Hull. It tells you about the financial assessment process and explains what you will have to pay and how to do this. You should read this booklet if you, or someone you care for, either receives or is considering support from Hull Adult Social Care. We have also developed a an easy read version for people who prefer this format.

Download the Paying for Care Handbook Jan 2019 (PDF, 477kb)

Download the Easy Read - Paying for Care handbook (PDF, 1.2mb)

Download the ASCT FF - Paying for care and support handbook2018-19 (PDF, 465kb)

Once they have finished talking to you about your care and support needs You will complete the assessment form. You will also be asked to sign a declaration which states that information you have given is accurate. If the local authority thinks you could benefit from a financial assessment, then someone from Hull Adult Social Care will meet with you. They will go through the information provided in the booklet.

Adult Social Care self assessment

Before you can complete the financial assessment, you need to complete our Adult Social Care self assessment. This self assessment will help us to understand your support needs, what works well in your life and what needs to change. It may be helpful to do this with a family member, friend or someone else you trust.

Complete a self assessment here

Alternatively, you can contact our See and Solve team via –

NHS Continuing Health Care

If you have complex health needs or you need primary health care, rather than social care, you may be eligible for NHS funded ‘Continuing Health Care’

You can find out more about Continuing Health Care here

Last reviewed: 22/03/2019

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