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Learning and training

There are lots of different learning opportunities out there. Some may help you to learn a life skill, while others are there to help you to get into employment. You may also want to consider taking a course because you enjoy that activity.

To help you choose what learning opportunities fit best with you, you may want to consider the following -

  • I want to learn a new life skill to help me with my daily life such as cooking, DIY, gardening, computers etc
  • I want to attend a course that relates to a hobby or interest of mine
  • I want increase the likelihood of getting a job or pursuing a career?
  • something else?

Depending on what you want to achieve will determine what type of learning opportunity you may want to search for. Here are few organisations that can support you to find the right opportunity for you.

Further education 

Further education (FE) includes any study after secondary education that’s not part of higher education (that is, not taken as part of an undergraduate or graduate degree).Courses range from basic English and maths to Higher National Diplomas (HNDs).

GOV.UK has information around further education and funding. They also can help you to find a course.

Visit the GOV.UK – Further education courses and funding

You can use webchat to speak to an advisor 

Alternatively you can contact them via -

  • telephone: on 0800 100 900

Hull College

Hull College is a further education college which offers wide range of learning opportunities.. Their main campus is located on Queens Gardens but operate in various locations around the city.

They offer a variety of courses and education programmes including 

  • A and AS levels
  • NVQ’s and apprenticeships
  • short courses
  • HND’s 

If you have a disability or learning disability and need support, then you might want to consider the Foundation course. This course can support you with day to day independence skills or with your progression into studying or work. This is done by improving your knowledge and developing you skill set. They also work with you to improve your self confidence to prepare you for the next stage of your life.

Access the Hull College website

Alternatively, you can contact Hull College via - 

In person - 

Hull College

Queen`s Gardens

Wilberforce Drive




University provides academic courses in many different areas of interest which should lead to employment in that area or enable you to seek employment in other related areas. On completion of your course you will be awarded a degree. Some young people take up a course at University straight from school. Others have a gap year. However, you can apply at any time in your life and enter university as a mature student.

University applications are made online via UCAS and your Connexions (or school/college careers) advisor can provide more information for you. You will also need to research courses, for example comparing your predicted grades to course entry requirements. These can vary widely between different universities and courses. You will also need to consider other factors such as - 

  • the level of study support available
  • whether you want to live at home or elsewhere
  • if there is a skills or entry test for the course

You can get information from the individual universities websites or UCAS website.

Visit the UCAS website here

If you are hoping to gain a place at university as a mature student it is possible to gain qualifications through an 'access course'.

Open University

The Open University teaches through distance learning. This means you can study when and where you decide so that it fits in with your current circumstances. You will receive all the learning material you will need. You will also get both online and offline support through tutors and personnel advisors to help you with you study.

Go to the Open University website to find our more

Alternatively you can contact them via - 

  • telephone: 02890 323 722 (Monday to Friday between 8am and 8pm)

Training opportunities

There are various training centers and programmes that you can access across the city. Our local groups and activities directory has information on various training providers under the ‘education, employment and training filter’

Access our groups and activities directory here

Hull Training and Adult Education

Hull Training and Adult Education work with partners and providers in the city to offer a range of adult education and training courses.

They offer opportunities in -

  • apprenticeships
  • short courses
  • formal study programmes
  • part time adult courses

They have a useful website and offer three different venues to start your journey into adult education and training by accessing the link provided.

Visit the Hull Training and Adult Education website here

View the Hull Adult Training  courses for summer 2018

Alternatively, you can contact them via -

Endeavour Training centre

Preston Road Adult Education

Craven Park Training & Enterprise

5 Senses

5 Senses offer learning and development opportunities for vulnerable adults through centre based educational sessions and community activities.

Activities cover a number of subjects, from Geography through to Life Skills. Each session is designed to develop your abilities by using teaching methods from different forms of Expressive Arts.

They use music, art, dance and drama as tools to enhance each person’s development in a range of subjects. We will also work with you to suit your preferred learning style.

They are based at -

Popple Street



Visit the 5 Senses website to find out more

Or you can contact them via -  


Case is a local charity which provides training, support and employment opportunities to people with a learning disability. Everything that they do is focused on improving people’s lives to help you grow as individuals.

They work with other service providers to support transition from schools or other service provision to Case. They offer individualised transition plans which could include taster days or work experience for young people at School.

Activities have been developed to meet the needs of the individuals who attend their services which can consist of -

  • formal learning programmes
  • informal learning programmes
  • craft and practical skills
  • gardening and horticulture
  • personal development programmes
  • independent living skills
  • employment programmes including practical activities such as catering, horticulture, administration etc.
  • sports programmes

They are based at are based at

60 Charles Street



Visit the Case training website here

Or you can contact them via - 

Children, young people and families

If you are a young person with special educational needs then check out the local offer website. It has lots of information for you and your family including – 

  • Schools and colleges
  • Education health and care plan
  • School admissions
  • Support available in schools
  • Integrated SEND team

Visit the Local Offer – Education and training page here

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