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Unpaid work or volunteering could also provide you with the opportunity that you are looking for to get involved where you live and feel like you contribute to what happens locally. Volunteering enables you to connect to your community and make it a better place to live. Dedicating your time as a volunteer can also help you make new friends, expand both your social and professional networks and boost your skills.

Check out our local groups and activities directory to find and use the volunteer filter to find out what volunteering opportunities are available.

Visit our local groups and activities directory here 

Hull CVS

The Hull CVS Volunteer Centre provides a range of information and support for people who want to volunteer and we advise hundreds of people each year who are keen to find out about interesting and rewarding volunteering opportunities.

The Volunteer Centre offers the following services which include - 

  • initial advice for people wanting to know more about what they may expect from volunteering.
  • free training on our Skills for Volunteers course
  • linking people with volunteering opportunities that match their interests, skills and knowledge
  • supporting people to search on-line for local volunteer opportunities
  • brokering volunteers with volunteer involving organisations

There are hundreds of volunteer opportunities available across the city covering a broad range of activities for you to get involved in, these range from catering, befriending, gardening, dog walking, beach days to public events such as Freedom Festival and City of Culture.

Drop in sessions are held at the Volunteer Centre which are held each Tuesday and Thursday between 11am to 1.30pm.

Hull CVS is based at - 

75 Beverley Road



Access the Hull CVS website here to find out more

Alternatively you can contact Hull CVS vai - 

  • telephone: 01482 32 44 74.

Their experienced team of Volunteer Advisors are available to offer a one to one appointment, to help you find a suitable volunteer opportunity and explain how to access volunteering opportunities.

There is no obligation to start volunteering, you can just come in to view some volunteering options. Alternatively if you would prefer, you can book an appointment with one of the volunteer advisors.

Last reviewed: 15/02/2018