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Legal advice


If you have a health and social care need or care for someone who does then it is important to know what your rights are.

If you have a disability you have rights to be protected from discrimination in most areas of society.

This includes discrimination from –

  • access to community activity
  • access to goods, services and facilities
  • education
  • emergency services
  • employment
  • healthcare
  • public services

These rights are laid out in a number of laws. To be denied these rights would be considered unlawful.

Visit GOV.UK – Disability rights for more information

The Human Rights Act 1998

The Human Rights Act 1998 sets out the fundamental rights and freedoms that everyone in the UK is entitled to. It incorporates the rights set out in the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) into domestic British law. The Human Rights Act came into force in the UK in October 2000.

Visit the ECHR website to find more information on the Human Rights Act 1998

The Equality Act 2010

The Equality Act became law in 2010 and brings together over 116 separate pieces of legislation into one single act. Combined, they make up a new act that provides a legal framework to protect the rights of individuals and advance equality of opportunity for all.

The act provides a new discrimination law which protect you from unfair treatment and promotes a fair and more equal society. It covers everyone in Britain and protects people from discrimination, harassment and victimisation.

Visit GOV.UK Equality Act 2010 guidance to find out more

Visit GOV.UK – definition of disability

Visit GOV.UK – discrimination your rights

Organisations that offer support 


This is an online database which covers -

  • benefits
  • tax credits
  • council tax
  • debt and money advice
  • housing and homelessness
  • employment and work issues
  • disability and social care
  • asylum and immigration

You just need to put your postcode in and the issue you want advice on and you are shown more information as well as details of advice centres in your area.

Visit the Advicelocal website

Age UK

Age UK Advice is a free, confidential, national phone service for older people, their families, friends, carers and professionals. They have a team of expert advisers who give you information that is reliable and up to date including –

  • understanding what benefits to claim and how to claim them
  • retirement and financial affairs
  • information on planned hospital stays and how to cope when you leave
  • advice on choosing the right care home

You can contact their free helpline between 8am to 7pm 365 days a year via - 

  • telephone: 0800 055 6112

Visit Age UK – advice line to find out more

Bar Pro Bono Unit

The Bar Pro Bono Unit is a charity which helps to find pro bono (free) legal assistance from volunteer barristers.

Visit the Bar Pro Bono Unit website to find out more

You can also contact them via -

Carers UK

Carers UK provides advice and information to carers on a range of topics including –

  • financial support
  • practical support
  • health
  • work and career
  • your relationships
  • technology and equipment
  • get support
  • getting resources

Visit their Carers UK website to find more information 

Alternatively Carers UK also have an advice line which provide information and advice on -

  • benefits and tax credits
  • carers employment rights
  • carers’ assessments
  • the services available for carers
  • how to complain effectively and challenge decisions
  • Their listening service is there for you to talk through your caring situation with a trained volunteer who understands what you are going through.

You can contact them via -

  • telephone: 08088 087 777 (between 10am to 4pm on Monday and Tuesday)

Choices and Rights

Choices and Rights are an organisation run and controlled exclusively by disabled people in the Hull and the East Riding area. They believe that the best experts on the needs of disabled people are disabled people themselves.

They offer independent advice and information for people with disabilities (excluding welfare benefits). This includes information on - 

  • your rights
  • accessibility issues
  • employment queries
  • the Blue Badge scheme

Visit the Choices and Rights website to find out more 

Alternatively you can contact them via -

They are based at – 

The Hull Centre for Independent Living

Jude Lodge (Tiverton House)

Tiverton Road




Citizens Advice Hull and East Riding

Citizens Advice Hull and East Riding (CAB) provides free, confidential, impartial and independent advice and information on a wide range of subjects. These include –

  • debt
  • money advice
  • benefits
  • employment
  • housing
  • relationships and family
  • consumer travel
  • tax
  • health
  • immigration
  • discrimination problems

Whatever information you are looking for or advice you need, Citizens Advice Hull and East Riding can either provide it for you or direct you to a service that can. 

You can contact them via –

n person at - 

The Wilson Centre

Citizens Advice Hull & East Riding (CAB)

The Wislon Centre

Alfred Gelder Street



Civil Legal Advice (CLA)

You might be able to get free and confidential advice from Civil Legal Advice (CLA) as part of legal aid if you’re in England or Wales.
If you’re eligible, you can get help from CLA for problems including:- 

  • debt, if your home is at risk
  • housing, if you’re homeless or at risk of being evicted
  • domestic abuse
  • separating from an abusive partner, when you’re making arrangements for children or sorting out money and property
  • a child being taken into care
  • special education needs
  • discrimination
  • some child abduction cases

Visit GOV,UK – Civil Legal Advice here

Disability Law Service

Disability Law Service provides specialist legal advice for disabled people, their families and carers on the following subjects -

  • community care
  • disability discrimination

Visit the Disability law services website for more information 

Alternatively you can contact them via -

  • telephone 02077 919 800

Disability Rights UK

The Disability Rights UK website has lots of factsheets that can give you advice and guidance on a whole range of matters relating to your rights and staying independent.

Visit the Disability Rights UK website – factsheets for more information

Equality Advisory Support Service

The EASS provides information about discrimination and your rights. It has replaced the helpline service previously provided by the Equality.

For more information and advice about discrimination and human rights issues contact the EASS via -

Their helpline is open Monday to Friday, 9am to 7pm and Saturday, 10am to 2pm.

Law Works

Law Works is a charity working in England and Wales to connect volunteer lawyers with people in need of legal advice.
They help people who are not eligible for legal aid but are unable to afford to pay.

Visit the Law Works website for more information

Legal Aid Agency - Community Legal Advice

This is an online database which enables you to search for legal advisers solicitors or family mediators near you.

Visit the GOV.UK website to find a legal aid or family mediator here 

Healthwatch Hull

The NHS Complaints Advocacy Service is free, independent and confidential. It offers practical support and information on how to make an NHS complaint. This service is delivered by Healthwatch Hull.

You can contact them via-


Mencap has lots of information and support for people with learning disabilities and their families.

Visit the Mencap website

The Learning Disability Helpline is a free help and advice line.

Their advisors can offer you advice and information about learning disability and help you find the right support and Mencap services in your area.

Anyone can contact the Learning Disability Helpline about anything to do with learning disabilities. We provide information and advice for people with a learning disability, families and carers.

The Learning Disability Helpline also provides information and advice to anyone wanting to know about learning disability issues and services. Contact them via -

Mencap Hull

Mencap Hull has an advocacy service that can support people who have learning disabilities, Autism and Asperger’s. They can advocate and support you in range of issues to help you get the outcome you want.

You can contact the advocacy worker via -

  • telephone 01482 211 473

Patients Association

The Patients Association helpline is a national helpline providing specialist information, advice and signposting to help people navigate the often complex world of health and social care.

They are not medically trained and cannot give medical or legal advice.
A call back service is provided for those who call out of hours.

You can contact them via –

Visit the Patients Association website 


The Scope helpline provides free, independent and impartial information and support on issues that matter to disabled people and their families.

Visit the Scope website to find out more

Alternatively, you can contact them via - telephone

  • 08088 003 333
Last reviewed: 03/04/2018