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Shared Lives Scheme 

What is the Shared Lives Scheme

Shared Lives is a chance for people to share their home with an adult who needs support and may otherwise be in residential care or live in isolation. Those who become Shared Lives carers are carefully matched with the person they look after and receive full training and financial support. They also have access to the network of professionals behind Shared Lives, who provide practical help and advice at every stage of the process

Hull Shared lives scheme supports adults with - 

  • learning disabilities
  • mental health problems
  • other needs that make it harder for them to live on their own.

The schemes match someone who need care with an approved carer. The carer shares their family and community life, and gives care and support to the person with care needs.

Some people move in with their shared lives carer, while others are regular daytime visitors. Some combine daytime and overnight visits.

Hull Shared lives scheme are available offer an alternative to traditional kinds of care, such as Care homes

If you are interested in taking up Shared lives placement or are interested in becoming a shared lives carer, then you can contact the shared lives scheme by telephone on 01482 300 300.

Become a shared lives carer

Could you care for someone in your own home?

If you think you could, Shared Lives might be for you. Under the Shared Lives scheme, families or individuals care for an adult with care and support needs in their own home, with support from Hull City Council.

What are the benefits?

Shared Lives arrangements are built around individuals, their needs, strengths and potential and people are carefully matched with each other. Key benefits for those with an arrangement include -

  • being in control of their own services and lives
  • pursuing ordinary lives with their chosen families
  • belonging within a community and being valued

What support is available?

Those who decide to become Shared Lives carers are completely supported to ensure the best outcomes for them and the person they care for. This includes -

  • resources, training, insurance and one-to-one support
  • opportunities to meet other scheme members and learn from each other
  • 24 hour access to additional help if needed
  • financial support

What’s it really like?

Katie has been a Shared Lives carer for a number of years, having originally started as a foster carer. She and her husband currently look after two young women, Sarah and Sarah, both of whom have learning difficulties.
The family divide their time between their home in Hull and their caravan at a nearby seaside complex, which they say is their favourite place to be.

Katie says: “My husband and I have been involved in Shared Lives for more than 12 years and it’s been a very good experience – we have other family members involved too. The best feeling is seeing how much someone can learn, how much progress they can make.

If you want to find out more, including how to become a Shared Lives carer, contact the Hull City Council by telephone on: 01482 300 300.

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Last reviewed: 08/11/2018