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Computer Equipment

Using the internet

The internet provides new ways to stay connected and offers additional support to help you live independently in your own home.


You can use email, which can be used to contact people much quicker than the traditional postal service.


If you have family and friends who you do not get to visit often, you might want to consider using Skype which is a free phone service you can use on your computer. It works similar to a telephone with the added feature of being able to see the person you are talking to.

Social Media 

Social media’ websites like Facebook are a good way to connect with friends and family. You may also use Facebook to find a group for people who share a common interest with you.

Shop online

You can also shop online for a variety of things including food shopping. This is a great option for people who may find it difficult to get out and about or if you are not feeling at your best. Shopping online is also a great way to stay out of the cold weather in winter time.

Starting out

If you are new to using IT, they are few things that you should do before starting out. First thing you should do is go over to our staying safe online page. You can also access computer courses from Hull adult education to help you build your confidence using IT.

Go to our Stay safe online page here

Find out more about Hull adult education here

Library access

All of our libraries have computers with internet access and Wi-Fi that are free for you to use.

Find your local library

Adapted software

There are various pieces of software that you can buy to adapt your computer. These include –

  • Screen readers and magnifiers
  • Speech dictation to text
  • Adapted Screens, keyboards and mouse
  • Alternative communication software i.e. Braille
  • Video magnifier apps for phones

It is important that you find the right adaptive software for you own needs.


AbilityNet helps people of any age and with any disability to use technology to achieve their goals at home, at work and in education. They do this by providing specialist advice services, free information resources and by helping to build a more accessible digital world.

Visit he AbilityNet website to find out more

Alternatively, you can contact them via –

My Home Helper

My home helper is a tablet computer that has been specifically designed for people who struggle with modern technology. It helps to reduce anxiety and isolation and gives peace of mind, reassurance and confidence to family and carers.

Developed from ideas and feedback given from service users and carers in trials over a 4 year period, the user centred design ensures that it is ideal for people with no computer or IT experience and requires no interaction from the user for it to work.

It has been designed as an "always on" system and once set-up only needs to be maintained when new activities, appointments or photos etc need adding. The end user does not have to do anything other than occasionally look at the display to benefit from it - there is no other interaction required.

Find out more about my home helper here

Alternatively, you can contact by email at 

Last reviewed: 08/11/2018