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Choices and Rights

Choices and Rights is an organisation for disabled people in the Kingston upon Hull and East Riding of Yorkshire area. They are 100% run and controlled by disabled people. They believe that the best experts on the needs of disabled people are disabled people themselves and as a result, Choices and Rights membership and reputation has grown because agencies and organisations know that when they seek consultation with them they will have dialogue with a delegation of disabled people.

They offer a range of services that can support you to live independently including -

  • Disability Information Service
  • Children’s Direct Payments Support Scheme
  • Support with Direct Payments (including PA support)
  • Disability Equality Training
  • Disability Discrimination Advice

You can find more information on the services that Choices and Rights offer on the website, using the link provided.

Access the Choices and Rights website

Alternatively, if you feel you would benefit from their advice and experience or would like to access one of their services, you can contact them via –

In person -

The Centre for Independent Living

Jude Lodge (Tiverton House)

Tiverton Road




Last reviewed: 08/11/2018