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Support for Young Carers

Who is a Young Carer?

A Young carer is a young person aged between 5-18 years old who has a caring role for an adult family member, usually a parent but not exclusively, who may have a disability, serious chronic illness, a mental health issue or an alcohol, drug/ substance misuse problem.

This caring role may take the form of a practical role such as washing the pots, shopping, cooking and cleaning or it may involve providing support in other ways such as keeping an eye on the adult, providing emotional support or a whole range of things.

My Stars Assessment

As a local authority we have a duty to identify and assess the needs of young carers.

We do this by means of a My Star assessment. This captures the voice of the child, their needs and their perspective on the challenges they are facing.

The My Star assessment helps a young person discuss their physical health, where they live, being safe, relationships, feelings and behaviour, friends, confidence and self-esteem, education and learning.

Support for Young Carers

Following this discussion we can create a package of support for the young person which may include one to one support with a key worker, access to weekly social opportunities specifically tailored for Young Carers, help with Short Breaks Funding for Young Carers or signposting to broader opportunities and support .

The level and type of support required is agreed with the young carer, their parent or guardian and the key worker.

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Last reviewed: 08/11/2018