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Support Pans

Your support plan

If you are eligible for a personal budget, then you need a support plan. The support plan details how your personal budget is used to support you. Hull Adult Social Care will work with you to develop your support plan.

You are in charge of making the decisions about your care, with support from Hull Adult Social Care. They listen to you and provide information that you need to help you make informed choices about your care.

Your support plan is an important document which sets out Hull City Council’s responsibilities. It also lets you know how they will act and what they will do in order to support you.

It is important that you are in agreement with your support plan. You and the person who cares for you are involved when the support plan is drawn up.

What to do if your needs change

Hull Adult Social Care will arrange a meeting to make sure that your support plan continues to meet your needs.

The first review usually takes place a few weeks after you start receiving support. The review meeting gives Hull Adult Social Care the opportunity to check your support is working as planned. Further reviews around your care and support are arranged. These usually take place once a year but can be more frequent if they are needed.

If your condition or circumstances changes we may reassess your needs and the amount of help you require.

If you disagree with your support plan

If you do not agree with your support plan, you should discuss this first with the person who assessed your needs.
If you are still not happy, you can ask for a reassessment. You can do this by letter, telephone or in person.

Hull Adult Social Care always make decisions that are fair based on their guidelines on who qualifies for support.

You can contact Hull City Council - Adult Social Care by -

In person –

The Wilson Centre CSC

Hull City Council

Alfred Gelder Street



Last reviewed: 24/11/2018