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Emotional and Mental Wellbeing

5 Ways to Wellbeing

In Hull we have worked collectively with our communities, and with our health and social care colleagues to understand what you think locally. The outcome of our work has highlighted the following key areas, detailed below that we can all consider improving our general mental wellbeing.


It is important that you connect with the people around you - 

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Colleagues
  • Neighbours

It is always a good idea to discuss with the people around you how you are feeling as they maybe things they can do to help. Sometimes just having a shoulder to lean on can help you to feel supported and less alone.

The Talking Tables project is a great way for older or vulnerable people to socialise and make friends.

More information on Talking Tables here

If you are finding it difficult to stay connected, they are a variety of befriending services that you can contact if you feeling lonely and isolated.

More Information here

Be active

Physical activity is proven to reduce the feelings of stress, anxiety and depression. You can get active at one of our leisure centres by going swimming, joining the gym or taking part in a group fitness class.

If you would prefer something a bit different, you can get involved with community sports, which includes sessions such as chair based exercise, belly dancing and boxercise.

If you prefer to be outside there is lots to do in our parks, playgrounds and open spaces such as Parkrun, or you may wish to take part in a game of golf at Sutton Park Golf Course

Find out more about leisure activities here

Alternatively, you can contact Hull Culture and Leisure on –

Keep learning

Learning new skills can give you a sense of achievement and a new confidence.

Find out more about learning and training here 


Even the smallest act can count whether it's a smile, a thank you or a kind word. Larger acts, such as volunteering with local groups and organisations, can improve your mental wellbeing and help you build new social networks.

Find out more about volunteering here

Take notice

Be more aware of the present moment, including your thoughts and feelings, your body and the world around you. Some people call this awareness "mindfulness". It can positively change the way you feel about life and how you approach challenges.

Need to Talk?


If you’re feeling stressed, depressed, or anxious, remember; you’re not alone. There is nothing wrong in admitting you’re struggling, and that you need support – sometimes, we all need a little help.

You should consider seeing your GP if you’ve been feeling anxious or depressed for more than a few weeks, or if the problems are beginning to affect your daily life.

Find your nearest GP here

Let’s Talk Service

The Let’s Talk depression and anxiety service can support you with your mental health. The service is made up of different organisations that have come together to support people in Hull with mental health conditions. They offer a range of services that support a wide range of issues that may affect you mental health.

To access talking therapies, Contact Let’s talk via-

  • telephone: 01482 247 111
  • text TALK to 61825

Stress Management

What is stress?

Stress is the feeling of being under too much mental or emotional pressure.

Pressure turns into stress when you feel unable to cope. People have different ways of reacting to stress, so a situation that feels stressful to one person may be motivating to someone else.

Many of life's demands can cause stress, particularly work, relationships and money problems. When you feel stressed, it can get in the way of coping with these demands, or can even affect everything you do.

You can read more about what stress is, how to manage it, recognising your stress triggers and how to get support on the NHS Choices website.

More information here

You can also access the NHS Stress Busters Guide; 10 things that can help reduce your stress levels.

More information here

Let's Talk - Stress Control

Let’s talk Stress Control is a psycho-education course, based upon Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, which teaches about stress and strategies for coping with it.

The course mainly focuses upon anxiety and depression, and looks at how such problems can develop into something that significantly affects a person’s quality of life. Each session will also emphasise and outline interventions for dealing with stress; offering insight and tools for people to help themselves.

More Information here

Alternatively, you can contact them via –

Connect Well Hull

Connect Well Hull offers advice and will help you to access support and guidance on a range of issues, including -

  • Helping you to feel linked in with your community
  • Advice on money, benefits or housing
  • Support to deal with physical and emotional conditions
  • Getting active and feeling better

Make an appointment with Connect Well Hull

Alternatively you contact them via –

Last reviewed: 11/02/2019