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Hull and East Yorkshire Mind

Hull and East Yorkshire Mind is the local branch to support people in Hull and East Yorkshire who have a mental health conditions.

Visit the Hull and East Yorkshire website here

Alternatively, you can contact them via - 

  • main telephone: 01482 240 200
    Information Line: 01482 240 133 (9am – 5pm/Monday-Friday):
  • text: 07520 633447
    fax: 01482 336 878

in Person - 

Yorkshire Mind, its services or to talk about donating contact us via the methods listed below.

Hull & East Yorkshire Mind

Wellington House

108 Beverley Road



Their services include -

Mental Health Support Groups

These groups will allow you to meet others experiencing the same problems, at the same time as learning skills that will help you to cope and improve your mental wellbeing.

Ways 2 Wellbeing

‘Ways 2 Wellbeing’ is a 16 week programme designed to improve your mental health and wellbeing and provide you with the tools you need to help keep you well. You will create your own action plan and identify your own personal goals using an evidence based system. We will help you to keep track of the positive changes you make. Each session includes time to discuss interesting topics and also time to make friends over a cuppa and a biscuit.

Peer support group

Hull and East Riding Mind also has peer support groups and art groups running.
Topics include a range of common mental health problems and lifestyle issues which may or may not be connected to poor mental health.

Some of the topics we cover are:

  • confidence building
  • anxiety management
  • money management
  • sleep hygiene
  • self-esteem
  • how to have fun
  • the benefits of volunteering

Vocational Support

Hull and East Yorkshire Mind has a team of mental health specialists who can support you to overcome barriers to access education, volunteering and employment opportunities. Whether you lack skills, qualifications or require work experience to gain employment, Hull and East Yorkshire Mind can support you. Their aim is to help you access training, education, volunteering or employment opportunities to meet your aspirations and goals.

If you are currently employed but are experiencing difficulties they can support you to stay in work.
Hull and East Yorkshire Mind can help with –

  • CV and job application advice
  • in work support
  • confidence building
  • accessing volunteer opportunities
  • interview skills and practice
  • addressing barriers to employment
  • job searching

The programme offers a friendly and supportive environment which caters to your own individual needs.

People Leaving Prison

Leaving prison can be daunting and scary. Staff and mentors can help people to a brighter future. They offer a mentoring programme to help people get their life back on track and avoid a return to prison.

They can help people with –

  • life skills
  • wellbeing
  • managing time and appointments
  • community involvement
  • relationship help with families
  • employment, training, and volunteering

Support plan

Hull and East Yorkshire Mind can help you to develop a support plan. This is designed to help you achieve the personal goals you set yourself.
Their experienced team can support you through motivation and helping you keep tyrack of your goals.

How they can help –

  • increase independence, confidence and motivation
  • develop ways to manage anxiety, depression and other mental health problems
  • emotional support
  • getting out, perhaps going to the shops or attending activities
  • attending appointments
  • maintain or regain skills such as budgeting and cooking
  • physical wellbeing (swimming or accessing sports)

Hull and East Yorkshire Mind’s mental health support can be paid for with a personal budget from the local authority, or directly.

Young Peoples Group

Groups with other young people at Hull and East Yorkshire Minds can help you find different ways of coping with life’s stresses. It introduces you to people who are on your side to help when times get tough.

Group work offers the opportunity to meet people with similar interests. We will help you with the tools you need to plan for the future and achieve any dreams or goals you might have.


Their specialist housing services are designed to meet your individual needs. This can either be in Mind’s own managed properties or floating support within your own home.

Hull and East Yorkshire mind also provide -

  • female only service
  • 24 hour project for young people
  • a variety of therapeutic communities in and around Hull.

They can help you to identify and overcome barriers to living an independent and fulfilling life. They will work with other services to make sure you get the best support you need. The can also help you to move on when the time is right.

Where appropriate, they can support you to secure your own tenancy or other suitable accommodation in the area you want to live.

The support will be designed with you, and it may include –

  • support to attend appointments
  • Advocacy
  • Independent living skills
  • support to access training, volunteering and employment

Wellington Care 

Wellington Care provides specialised caring support for people with severe or long term mental health needs.

They can support people in a variety of settings, including -

  • specialist residential care home
  • a person’s own home
  • within a shared supported living homes

They can also help find suitable accommodation through their partnership with Hull and East Yorkshire Mind who are a registered social landlord.

The team will work with each individual to help you in all areas of your life including –

  • support for your mental health needs
  • day to day care
  • daily living skills
  • social and emotional or additional needs such as autism or physical health

Their goal is to give you the opportunity to be as independent as possible by supporting you to reach your goals and aspirations.

For more information contact Wellington Care via -

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