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Healthy Living

Support in Later Life

The UK has an aging population. There are 10 million people over the age of 65 and, as people are expected to work longer, the older generation is offering a vital contribution to our communities.


Plan for your retirement

As we get older, it is important to think about our finances. Our money section has lots of advice and information about managing your money along with any financial assistance you may be able to claim.

Go to our money section here

We may also find ourselves becoming a family or friend carer. If this is the case, you are entitled to a variety of support as a carer to help with your caring role

More information about support for carers here

Getting out and About

If you are working less or have retired, think about volunteering and helping out in your local community

More information on volunteering here

We all like to keep busy and stay connected, so keep in touch with local groups, friends and family. Our community directory has lots local groups and activities for you to take part in.

Go to our community directory here

To help you to get out and about in Hull, there are a variety of concessions when using public transport including –

  • National Senior rail card
  • Senior bus pass

More information on Transport here


Staying healthy

As we age, we are more likely to have a long-term condition or disability, and may need support to maintain our independence and quality of life. Our health and wellbeing section has lots of information to help you stay healthy as you get older.

More on Staying healthy here

Having an NHS Health Check and seeking advice can help prevent crisis situations.

More on NHS Health checks here

As we get older, we may start to feel the cold weather as winter draws in. We may also find ourselves more susceptible to colds and the flu and we may find that we need a longer period of time to recover.

However, if you are 65 and over, you are entitled to a free flu jab every winter to help boost your immune system and fight off the flu.

You can find more information on our keeping warm in winter page


Staying independent in your home

As we get older if can often be more difficult to keep on top of things such as cleaning, preparing a meal or keeping up with the garden.

Age UK have a Home Support service that can help you with things like cleaning, shopping and pension collecting and preparing a meal. You can contact the Home Support service on 01482 591 521.

To help you stay independent in your home, we have developed a ‘help at home’ section which has lots of advice and support to make it easier to manage your home.

More information on Help at home here.


Staying safe

Unfortunately, as we get older, we may feel more vulnerable when we are in our home or out and about in the community

However, they are some practical things we can do to help us stay safe, whether that be installing some equipment to help prevent a fall, or joining a neighbourhood watch scheme to help keep our communities safe.

More information on keeping safe in the community here

More information on equipment and adaptions here



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