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Learning Disability and Autism

Learning Disability

A person who has a learning disability may experience a range of difficulties depending on whether the disability is mild, moderate or severe. A person may have a reduced ability to understand information whether it is new or complex, to learn new skills, experience a reduced ability to cope independently and may experience an impact on his/her ability to read and write.

Sometimes other skills such as time planning, organisational skills, abstract reasoning, short and long term memory and attention are impacted upon by a learning disability.

Depending on the level of learning disability a person may need support with daily living activities, being involved in social activities and keeping safe.

Someone who has a severe learning disability or a profound and multiple learning disability (PMLD) often has more than one disability such as physical, sensory, mental health and complex health needs. A person who has a profound and multiple learning disability may need care and support with areas such as mobility, personal care and communication.

A person with a moderate learning disability may also need support in these areas, but not definitely.

Find out more about learning disabilities here (Opens in a new window)

The Learning Disability Partnership Board

The Learning disability partnership board is a multi agency forum that is operated by the council which people with or affected by learning disability can 

  • meet together
  • share information
  • promote the needs of people with a learning disability in their local area

You can contact the local partnership board by telephone on 01482 616 312

Keeping Safe

If you think an adult is being harmed, abused or neglected please tell us. You can go to our safeguarding Adults page to find out how to report it.

Visit the Hull City Council’s Safeguarding Adults page here (Opens in a new window)

Find out more about keeping people safe here.

If you think they are in immediate danger phone the Police now on 999


Your Health

People with a learning disability may have worse health than others. To help, people with a learning disability can get an Annual health Check

This is free from your GP’s practice. You don’t need to be ill to get one and you can talk to the GP about anything that is hurting or worrying you. The GP will check lots of things and give you a ‘Health Action Plan’.

Find out more about Annual Health Checks – easy read (Opens in a new window)

There are Easy Read health information leaflets and videos on the Easy Health website.

Visit the Easy Health website here (Opens in a new window)

The law says that the NHS has to make information and their services accessible to you.

Young People

Our Hull Local Offer website provides information for 0-25 year olds with disabilities and Special Educational Need (SEND)

Visit the Hull Local offer website here (Opens in a new window)


Getting Out and About

People with a learning disability can use the same community services as everyone else. The law says public organisations have to make changes so that disabled people can access their services.

Go to our Getting Out and About section here

You can find activities and support in the community by going to our community support directory and using the learning disability filter

Go to the community support directory here.

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