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Sensory Impairment

Deaf and Hearing Impaired

General Information

Hearing loss may be caused by a number of factors. This can include -

  • genetics
  • old age
  • exposure to noise
  • infections
  • birth complications
  • trauma to the ear
  • certain medications or toxins

Hearing loss can be temporary or permanent and can affect all age groups.

Visit the NHS Choices – hearing loss to find out more (Opens in a new window)

Hearing loss may be gradual such as people who are in later life. Common symptoms of people with gradual hearing loss notice things such as difficulty hearing the TV or a conversation in a noisy environment.

Viral infections of the inner ear can also cause hearing loss to occur all of a sudden.

Another common effect of hearing loss is continual ringing in the ear which is caused by conditions such as tinnitus.

If you feel that your hearing is getting worse then you need to make an appointment with your GP.

Access our Local Healthcare Services page to find your nearest GP

If you live in Hull there is a range of support you can access to meet your hearing needs.

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