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Coronavirus testing for PA's

Personal assistants working in adult social care who provide care that requires them to come within 2 metres of an adult over the age of 18 who they support will be eligible for testing.

Personal assistant undertaking a coronavirus testFor testing purposes, a ‘personal assistant’ is someone who is directly employed by an individual (or self-employed) to provide care and support to enable them to live as independently as possible.

This care could include support in the home, or to go out into the community.

Personal assistants will be responsible for ordering test kits every 21 days or an employee can order test kits on their behalf.

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Summary of testing

  • Personal assistants should order a box of 7 lateral flow tests (LFTs) every 21 days for themselves, or an employer can order test kits on their behalf.
  • Seven tests are delivered for each personal assistant to their selected delivery address for a 21 day testing cycle.
  • A personal assistant should take a test twice a week and register them online. All results must be registered whether negative, positive or void
  • Personal assistants will receive their results within 30 minutes of conducting the test.
  • If a personal assistant receives a positive LFT result they should order and conduct a confirmatory polymarase chain reaction (PCR) test immediately, isolate until they receive a result, and notify their employer.
  • Personal assistants should repeat LFT testing cycling twice each week.

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