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Support for Carers

Who is a carer?

One in eight people look after someone with an illness or long term disability.

You are a carer if you are spending a regular amount of time looking after or supporting someone. This could be a relative, partner or friend who without your support or the help of other carers would be unable to live independently.

We recognise the vital importance of carers and the support they provide, both the practical and the emotional. Without carers, many people would not only struggle to stay independent but would become isolated, lonely and depressed. However, caring can be really tough and demanding and we want to give carers the best support we can.

As well as involving you as a carer in the planning of support for the person you care for, we will make sure you can access the information and advice you need and offer you an assessment of your needs. You may also be eligible for support services in your own right if your caring role is having a significant impact on your life.

If you want to find more information about the illness or condition of the person you care for, you can access our staying healthy section.

Access our staying healthy section here


A Carer's Needs Assessment

A Carer's Needs Assessment concentrates on the needs of the carer and the support needed to continue in their caring role. It looks at how caring impacts on the carer's wellbeing and if they are willing and able to continue caring. The Care Act 2014 gives carers the same recognition as the person they care for.

All carers are able to have an assessment of their needs regardless of their financial means or the level of support they provide. If the person who is being cared for does not want an assessment in their own right, the carer can still have an assessment of their needs.

More information on Carers Assessments here

When completing the Carer's Needs Assessment, the carer will be able to consider the different types of services and support available that will help meet their needs.

If you wish to complete the Carers’ Assessment, the easiest way is to contact the Carers Information and Support Service via –

Carer’s Card

If you are a carer you can now benefit from a Carer Card; a card which officially identifies you as a carer and that should be carried by you at all times. There is no charge for the card.

The card has two main purposes -

  1. To notify emergency services that someone you are responsible for needs support, should something happen to you.  

  2. To get you discounted access to local health and wellbeing services, as well as with selected local shops and businesses. 

More information on Carers Card’s here

Support from your GP

You can register your details with your GP so that your notes are tagged to indicate that you are a carer. The person you care for can also register your details with their GP’s to inform them that the person has a carer.

This helps your GP to be are aware of your caring responsibilities and the potential impact on your own health and take account of your needs as a carer when trying to arrange appointment times that fit in with your caring responsibilities.

Complete this form and hand it, or send it to your GP’s Surgery, who will record in your notes that you are a carer:

GP carer registration form (Opens in a new window)

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