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Equipment, Adaptations and Assistive Technology

Telecare and Lifeline


Telecare is a range of equipment and sensors to help people live independently within their own homes.
Telecare is a service for anybody who feels it would help them and is especially beneficial for older, vulnerable and disabled people to call for help whenever it is needed using a trigger button or any of the other telecare sensors.

The service makes a real difference to people’s lives, not only for those using the service to maintain their independence, but also their families, loved ones and carers.

Anyone can purchase telecare equipment.


How telecare works

Some telecare equipment requires you to have a Kingston Care lifeline installed in the property. There is a small weekly fee for this.

Should a sensor be activated, an alert is raised at Kingston Care where trained operators take the most appropriate action, whether it be contacting your identified responder. They could be a -

  • family member
  • friend
  • neighbour
  • doctor or the emergency services

Not all telecare equipment requires a Kingston Care Lifeline to be installed for example medication dispensers.

Sensors include -

  • personal triggers which are worn round the neck, on the wrist or attached to an item of clothing with a button to press for help. A call for help can be raised from anywhere in the home or the garden
  • bed or chair occupancy sensors which provide an early warning by alerting that the user has left their bed or chair and not returned within a predetermined time
  • smoke detectors, these are potentially a life saving device, the radio smoke detector provides additional protection by raising an instant alarm call to Kingston Care

To find out more about telecare contact the Telecare team by telephone on 01482 318 700.


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