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Extra Care

What is Extra Care

The aim of Extra Care is to enable people aged 18 years and over to live independently for as long as possible.
It provides an alternative to residential care or supported housing for people wanting their own front door but who need care and support to live in their own home.

These facilities have a mix of adults of different ages, circumstances and support needs.


Intended Residents

People who would benefit from Extra Care may have learning and physical disabilities, dementia, mental health and sensory needs. They require homes that will change with their circumstances throughout their lives whilst ensuring independence, wellbeing and promoting privacy and dignity.

Extra Care apartments can be easily adaptable to respond to a persons changing situation, meaning you would not need to move if your needs change.

These homes are set in a communal environment where people can feel secure whilst having the privacy of their own apartment with their own front door.


Care and Support

Care and support is available onsite through an emergency call system or Telecare option 24 hours a day if needed, alongside any assessed package of care which will be met by the onsite care provider. The reception for housing support will be open -

  • Monday to Friday 9.00 am to 8.00 pm
  • Saturday and Sunday 9.00 am to 5.00 pm

There are private spaces for residents as well as public areas for the wider community giving a range of social options which help to combat loneliness and isolation.

The restaurant, café, hairdresser, residents lounge and communal rooms mean that those living in the apartments will feel part of a community both within the building and the wider neighbourhood. The building will provide facilities for wider community use and so benefit many more people.

There is also a range of regular social and community activities that will help you to maintain your mental and physical wellbeing.


Living in Extra Care

Activities and Events

Events and activities take place every day and some will be available to the wider community. You will be involved in deciding what type of events take place.

There are communal resident’s lounges, a hairdresser and wellbeing suite, a reception and several spaces for community activities. There are also quieter, reflective spaces with seating where people can meet friends and family.



The gardens are secure and available to all residents. You can garden, socialise with friends and family and take part in other activities such as barbeques, keep fit and games in them.


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