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Supported Living

What is supported accommodation?

For some people, living independently can be more difficult depending on the person’s care and support needs. If this is the case, you maybe eligible for supported accommodation.

The term “Supported accommodation” refers to a rented accommodation in which a tenant or licensee receives care and support that is linked to their accommodation. Generally, you would not be living in the accommodation to begin with unless you needed care and support to help you live independently.

Because there is a tenancy or licence in place for people who live in supported accommodation, it is most common for people to be able to claim Universal Credit to help them pay for their rent or licence charge.

This type of housing is usually general needs housing or adapted housing with additional care and support put in place to meet the needs of residents. In Hull, we have a range of housing organisation and supported accommodation.

How does it work?

If you are eligible for supported accommodation due to your care and support needs, we will work with you and our housing providers to find you suitable accommodation, while ensuring your care and support needs are met.


How to apply

If you are already receiving support from Hull Adult Social Care, you can discuss supported accommodation as an option with your support worker. If you are not receiving care and support from the Hull Adult Social Care, then you need to go through our assessment process so we can assess you eligibility of need for care and support.

More information on the Hull Adult Social Care’s assessment process


Helping you stay independent

If you are already living in supported accommodation, we want you to make the best out of your tenancy that goes beyond meeting your care and support needs. Below are a number of organisations and initiatives that you may find useful.

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