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Keeping People Safe

Community Safety & Crime

Top tips for Keeping safe

Here are a few things you can do to help yourself to be safer while you are out and about.

  1. if you are planning to go somewhere new, it is a good idea to plan your route to avoid getting lost.
  2. use public transport or a taxi if you are not sure where you are going especially if it is dark.
  3. tell a family member or friend where you are going and what time you expect to be back.
  4. if you are visiting someone, tell them what time you are expected to be there.
  5. try to keep to main paths and roads whenever possible - avoid using short cuts that take you off their main paths.
  6. at night, try to keep to well lit areas where possible as this can reduce the risk of being a victim of a crime.
  7. be mindful of where you are - avoid using headphones or looking at your phone as this may distract for the environment you are in.
  8. if you have a mobile phone, make sure it is fully charged and you have your contacts list up to date.
  9. make sure you have a list of taxi numbers in case you get lost or need help getting home.
  10. if you think an area is unsafe then trust you feelings and avoid going into that environment.
  11. do not have any of your passwords or PIN numbers on you.
  12. do not take large amounts of cash out with you; only take what you think you may need.
  13. avoid being alone at night while you are out and about.
  14. if you think you are being followed, attempt to cross the road, go into a shop or head for a busy street. If you feel unsafe, make a noise or tell someone.

If you feel you are in immediate danger dial 999.

What to do when it’s not safe to talk

When you dial 999, an operator will ask you which service you require. If you are unable to talk, you will be asked to cough.

If you remain silent you will be put through to an automated system which is called Solution 55. At this point you need to press ‘55’ on your keypad which will alert the police that the call is genuine and that you need help.

This system was set up so you can alert the police but are in a situation were making a noise may put you in danger.

Personal attack alarms

A personal attack alarm gives off a loud distracting noise that may distract an attacker long enough for you to get away or alert others that you are in danger.

You can purchase a personal attack alarm from various retailers by searching online for personal attack alarms.

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