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Keeping People Safe

Home Safety


Taking just a few steps can make a big difference in keeping your home safe from burglary. Here are a few tips that you may want to think about to help your protect your home.

  • Make sure all your doors and windows are locked when you leave your home, when it gets dark or if you are in the garden or upstairs.
  • Do not leave keys lying around.
  • Install a burglary alarm that can be seen from the outside to deter unwanted attention to your home
  • Install outside lighting
  • Place a timer on your TV or radio when you leave your home.
  • Make regular checks on your outdoor fencing, gates, sheds or garages and make sure they are secured

The Humberside police have more information around protecting your home and property.

Find out more about protecting your home (Opens in a new window)


Immobilise (register your possessions)

Immobilise is free to use and can be used by members of the public to register their possessions. Once you have registered your possessions, Immobilise can help the Police to locate the owners of stolen property the police have seized.

Find out more and to register with Immobilise (Opens in a new window)


Doorstep sales

Doorstep sales can provide a useful service but on occasions some traders can be persuasive and persistent. If a trader knocks on your door –

  • do not agree to on the spot house repairs and do not sign anything
  • be wary of special offers and warning that your house is unsafe
  • avoid snap decisions or being pressurised into buying costly home repairs or goods
  • seek advice as soon as possible if you are in doubt

If you have a problem or a query on a doorstep sales matter or you want to make a complaint about a trader who you think may be acting suspiciously or incorrectly, telephone us on 01482 300 300. You can also enquire about the 'no cold calling' zones.

Scams come in many forms, with approaches being made by telephone, mail and email. Scams can be sophisticated and are often individualised to give the appearance that they come from a trustworthy source. You can report a scam to the Hull City Council if you –

  • have been the victim of a scam
  • suspect a scam
  • have concerns that you or someone you know is being targeted by scam operators

You can also contact the Hull City Council to request an advice leaflet on scams.

More on Scams here (Opens in a new window)

Alternatively, you can contact the Hull City Council on 01482 300 300.

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