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Money Management

Direct Payments and Personal Budgets

What is a Direct Payment?

Direct payments are ideal if you would like to take control of your support service instead of having it arranged for you. You can only apply if you have been assessed by Adult Social Care as needing care and support services.

Direct payments can be made to –

  • disabled people aged 16 or over (with short or long term needs)
  • disabled parents for children’s services
  • carers aged 16 or over (including people with parental responsibility for a disabled child)
  • elderly people who need community care services

You can choose to take all, or part of your personal budget to manage for yourself. This gives you the opportunity to arrange your own care and support.

The money you choose to use from your personal budget is called a direct payment.

Direct payments give you a greater choice and control over your life. You decide who is going to give the support you.

You can use your direct payment however you wish, as long as it achieves the outcomes agreed in your support plan and helps you to live independently and safely.

Your support worker agrees how your direct payments are meeting your needs in your support plan.

Find out more about support plans here

Managing your direct payments

Adult Social Care put an agreed amount of money into your account every four weeks. This is to cover the costs within your agreed support plan. The bank account has to be in your name unless you have nominated someone else to manage your account then the account can be in their names.

You need a bank account for your direct payment. This account should only be used for your direct payments and your contributions. If you have difficulty opening a bank account either in your name or with someone you have nominated let your support worker know.

How you can use direct payments

You can use direct payments to –

  • employ and agency worker
  • employ a personal Assistant (PA)
  • a mixture of choosing an agency, using a PA or paying for services organised by Hull Adult Social Care.

Your worker can also tell you about other services and organisations that can help you to manage your direct payments. The guide for direct payments gives you more information about direct payments for you to consider.

A Guide to Direct Payments (PDF)

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